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Whiplash & California Car Accident Victims
Posted on 02/27/2012
Oftentimes, the victim of a bad car accident in California thinks that because he or she is not bleeding, he is not hurt.  They exit their vehicle, walk around, give a report to the officer at the scene, and head home thinking that they escaped the accident unscathed. However, maybe the next day or even a few days later, the whiplash sets it. With neck and back pain and aches, pins and needles in their arms and legs, pain in one or both shoulders, and frequent headaches, among other symptoms, it becomes apparent that they may have actually suffered a serious injury.

Although ‘whiplash’ is not a technical medical term in California, it is recognized by California courts and lawyers to describe the neck and back ache symptoms that can follow a car accident.  Sometimes the symptoms are immediate, but often the victim does not know they’ve been injured until days after the accident.

If you or a loved one are suffering from these or similar symptoms, you should contact a California personal injury lawyer immediately. Serious damage may have been done to your neck or spinal cord and getting the correct medical attention is essential. An experienced Southern California car accident lawyer can ensure that you or your loved one have access to proper diagnostic testing and treatment.

A knowledgable car accident lawyer will also know how to pursue all parties that may have been responsible for injury, thereby ensuring that you, the victim, receive all of the compensation you deserve.  And if insurance companies or other providers try to claim that the injuries weren’t present at the time of the accident and therefore deny you any sort of payment, a skilled Los Angeles auto accident lawyer will know how to present the evidence that whiplash injuries often delay in presenting symptoms. Victims who have suffered whiplash in an auto accident have a right to treatment, compensation, and freedom from suffering.

Santa Monica Auto Accident Lawyer – The Olan Law Firm, based in Santa Monica, California, is dedicated to representing individuals throughout California in personal injury lawsuits, including injuries sustained in an auto accident. We provide effective solutions and sound legal guidance. Visit us online at http:// www.olanlaw.com or call 866.426.2667 to schedule a consultation.

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